Wood-Fire Broth for Meat Paella by El Paeller

Wood-Fire Broth for Meat Paella by El Paeller

Chicken and Duck Broth Cooked over Fire

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All Natural



  • Made with free-range duck and chicken
  • All natural ingredients
  • Perfect for paella Valenciana
  • By legendary chef Rafa Margós
  • Caldo de carne a leña
  • Size - 33.8 fl oz/1000 ml

Add the authentic flavor of Valencia to your paella with this delicious wood-fire cooked broth. Legendary paella master Rafa Margós creates this delicious paella base with no compromises, slowly sautéing free-range duck, chicken and fresh vegetables over a smoky hardwood fire, then letting the broth simmer over the embers for two hours. This broth will elevate your next paella with a rich, smoky flavor.

El Paeller paella broth is pure and natural, without artificial ingredients, preservatives or concentrates. Simply open and add to your paella. One can is enough for 3 to 4 servings of paella.

Mestre Paeller (Valencian for “Paella Master”) Rafa Margós has been cooking paella over wood fire for over 25 years, preparing over 300,000 paellas at his family restaurant in Valencia, Las Bairetas. His mastery of these techniques has led him to advise chefs such as José Andrés and Quique Dacosta on their wood-fired paella projects.

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