Sliced Reserva Serrano Ham by Peregrino, Nitrate Free - 4 oz

Sliced Reserva Serrano Ham by Peregrino, Nitrate Free - 4 oz

Cured Jamón from Spain - Aged 15 Months

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All Natural




  • Spain’s most popular ham
  • Cured in Spain, 15 month reserva
  • Nitrate-free, all natural
  • Freshly sliced at La Tienda
  • Size - 4 oz/113 gr

Serrano ham has a complex flavor and mild saltiness that makes it one of our favorite tapas. Serve this all natural ham on a charcuterie platter, with freshly baked bread or add to your favorite recipe. Our Serrano ham is nitrate-free reserve quality, for the healthiest, most delicious jamón you can buy.

We are proud to offer the freshest sliced jamón in the country. Instead of buying vacuum-packed ham sliced in Spain months ago, we import whole reserva hams and slice them at La Tienda to ensure the freshest most flavorful Serrano you can buy. Our deli-style packed jamón is easy to open, and the slices are easy to separate. In the original unopened package, these slices will stay fresh for weeks, if not longer.

We slice imported Serrano ham extra thinly, so that you can enjoy the true taste of Serrano. Our favorite way to enjoy Jamón Serrano is simple - on a warm platter with some good crusty bread and a glass of Spanish wine. A bocadillo sandwich is another classic Spanish treat – simply cut a fresh baguette in half, drizzle with olive oil and add sliced Serrano ham, perhaps with some slices of Manchego cheese.

Once you get the taste for jamón, there are dozens of ways to enjoy it – wrapped around melon, diced and cooked with vegetables, sprinkled on fresh salads or added to paella or pasta, to name a few.

Serrano is the go-to jamón for everyday enjoyment. Milder and less intense than the deluxe Jamón Ibérico, this ham is cured from white Duroc pork instead of the indigenous Ibérico breed.

Over thousands of years, the people of Spain developed the ideal method to preserve ham as a way to save meat for the coming winter. The hams are salted, and then hung in mountain curing rooms where they experience the changing seasons, losing up to 40% of their fat and developing deep, complex flavors. They continue to be cured using these same techniques, albeit with the benefits of modern technology.

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