Large Paella Grill System with Burner

Large Paella Grill System with Burner

For Paella Pans Up to 22 Inches

Item: PB-09A

| US Only



  • Use with wood, charcoal or propane
  • Includes a 2 ring propane burner
  • Comes with removable grill
  • Hose & regulator included
  • Size - 28.75 inches tall, 23 inches wide

It's easy to prepare the perfect paella with our exclusive new paella grill system. Paella originated as an outdoor dish cooked over open flames, and that remains the most enjoyable way to prepare this famous dish. This paella system offers three ways to cook over open fire.

Method One - Prepare your paella over a propane burner to give you full control of heat levels and an easy, clean set-up. This system includes a 2 ring propane burner for use with paella pans up to 22" in diameter. The outer ring is 20" and the inner one is 12". Hose and regulator designed specifically for the U.S. are included - all you'll need is a full propane tank!

Method Two - Cook directly over a wood fire fueled by 'leña' or hardwood. This is the most traditional method, and it imparts a smoky flavor to your paella. Note: avoid adding too much wood, which can overheat the grill and damage the paint.

Method Three - Cook over charcoal, which also adds that great grilled flavor. The system even comes with a removable grill for preparing chorizo, morcilla and other grilled favorites! Note: avoid adding too much charcoal, which can overheat the grill and damage the paint. Use no more than 6 quarts of charcoal, about 100 briquets, and keep them towards the center of the grill.

The sturdy metal frame of this paella grill system has 6" tall edges to block the wind. It can be assembled easily in minutes with no tools or additional hardware. The full height of the grill system is 28 3/4" and the diameter is 23".

Note: For outdoor use only. Hazardous for indoor use. Can only be used with a standard propane tank, cannot be used with a natural gas hookup.

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