26 Inch Stainless Steel Paella Pan - Serves 16

26 Inch Stainless Steel Paella Pan - Serves 16

Serves 16 People - Requires Paella Grill - DOES NOT FIT IN AN OVEN

Item: PP-18

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  • Note: This pan does not fit in a standard oven
  • Striking stainless steel pan
  • Dashed surface for even heat
  • Great for large parties!
  • Care-free - No seasoning required
  • Size - 26 in/65 cm

Note: This pan is great for large parties. A pan of this size should be used over an open fire or with a propane paella burner (which we can supply). The pan's dimpled surface spreads heat evenly for a perfect paella every time.

This is the ultimate paella pan. It is a work of art worthy of being displayed on your kitchen wall with its handsome gold plated handles. It is a wonderful gift - perhaps for yourself too!

Because it is polished stainless steel the pan is virtually care-free. Just wash it with soap and water and it is as good as new. There is no need to worry about seasoning, staining or any kind of rust.

All of our paella pans are made by a family in Valencia with over 50 years of experience in producing the finest cookware for paella.

18/8 gauge stainless steel.

Note: photo shows dimpled surface, but this pan will come with a dashed surface.

This pan will not work on induction cooktops.

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