Sliced Ibérico Chorizo by Fermín

Sliced Ibérico Chorizo by Fermín

Mountain Aged Ibérico Pork Sausage

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All Natural



  • Thinly sliced, ready to serve
  • Cured with smoked paprika, sea salt and garlic
  • Mountain cured Ibérico pork sausage
  • All natural and nitrate free
  • Imported from Spain
  • Size - 2 oz/56 gr

Serve Spain's amazing Ibérico chorizo on charcuterie boards, sandwiches or simply enjoy with bread and a glass of wine. Pre-sliced and easy to serve, this all natural mild sausage is cured in the mountains of Salamanca with premium Ibérico pork, sea salt and fresh garlic.

Our friends at Fermín age their all natural Ibérico chorizo in the mountain air in the village of La Alberca. Ibérico pork comes from a special breed only found in Spain. It has a full flavor and intense marbling, ideal for making chorizo. It is seasoned with pimentón de la Vera, Spain's intensely smoky paprika, plus fresh garlic and sea salt. No added nitrates or nitrites are used.

The cool mountain air of La Alberca does the rest. We visited the curing rooms and saw the curing master opening and closing the screened windows to control the curing process. Each piece is inspected by hand, then thinly sliced for you to enjoy.

We suggest serving Ibérico chorizo at room temperature to enjoy its fullest flavor.

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