Premium Bacalao - Extra Thick Cod Loin

Premium Bacalao - Extra Thick Cod Loin

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  • Tender, extra thick whole cod loin
  • Desalted, shipped frozen
  • From the Basque Country
  • Perfect for traditional Spanish recipes
  • Marine Stewardship Council certified fishery
  • Size - About 10.5 oz/300 gr

Delicate, flaky bacalao is the pride of the Basque Country. This special salt cod is caught by line, then salted and prepared by artisans in the town of Elgoibar. Each loin is so thick, they refer to this cut as "Hercules"! This cut is perfect for traditional dishes or simply sauteed in olive oil and garlic.

These flaky loins are desalted and ready to prepare in your favorite Spanish recipe. Center cut and boneless, they are the finest part of the bacalao.

We searched for the finest bacalao in Spain from a sustainable source, and we found it! Our partners are fanatics about quality, using only line-caught cod from the Faroe Islands. Not only is the quality superior, but cod from this area is certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council.

Once on shore in the Basque Country, our partner packs each cod in sea salt. As it loses water, the concentration of Omega 3 intensifies, a sure sign of quality and flavor. After 90 days the bacalao is soaked in cool, pure water until it has the perfect mild saltiness and is ready to cook. It is then cut and packed, then flash frozen - preserving it perfectly for you to cook at home!

Bacalao has been a favorite meal in Spain for centuries. Because it could be stored and transported easily, it was enjoyed across the country. The Basque region became identified with the finest bacalao recipes, partly because much of the cod originally arrived in its ports before salting.

Simply thaw the bacalao in the refrigerator and you are ready to prepare a number of classic Spanish recipes. These loins are particularly good for Bacalao al Pil-Pil because they are skin on, essential for creating the creamy, rich sauce associated with this dish. The cod can also be flaked and used in paella, croquetas, pastas and savory salads.

Each package is shipped with dry ice and should be stored in the freezer until it is to be prepared.

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