Octopus in Salsa Gallega Marinade by Ramón Peña

Octopus in Salsa Gallega Marinade by Ramón Peña

Tender Octopus in a Paprika Marinade

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All Natural



  • Featured in Food & Wine Magazine
  • Tender sliced pulpo (octopus)
  • Packed by hand in each tin
  • In Galician smoked paprika sauce
  • Poached in sea water
  • Size - 4.9 oz/138 gr

Galicians love their pulpo so much that whole restaurants are dedicated to serving beautifully cooked octopus. Ramón Peña pulpo is firm yet tender, with a smoky flavor from the addition of smoked paprika. Serve warm with fresh bread and a glass of Albariño wine, or add to salads, pasta or canapés.

Ramón Peña poaches freshly harvested octopus in seawater. Their skilled local workers pack each tin by hand then add the traditional paprika sauce. The result is a seafood prepared to perfection, with a fresh flavor and firm bite.

Galicia is surrounded by cool, clean Atlantic waters that support a vibrant fishing tradition. In Spain, canned seafood is acknowledged as a gourmet product, and small producers like Ramón Peña are meticulous about providing premium quality seafood to its customers.

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