Artisan Young Manchego Cheese from La Mancha - 12.3 Ounces

Artisan Young Manchego Cheese from La Mancha - 12.3 Ounces

Award Winning Artisan Manchego

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  • Small batch artisan Manchego
  • Rich, sharp taste
  • Award winning quality
  • From pasture-raised sheep
  • Family made in Porzuna
  • Size - 12.3 oz/350 gr wedge

A hint of sweet, a nice sharpness and a full flavor: this young Manchego is the real thing. This farmhouse cheese is an artisan masterpiece that puts grocery store Manchego cheeses to shame. Our friends at Villajos use very fresh milk from local, pasture raised sheep and lovingly tend each wheel as it ages for up to six months. You can taste the difference in each delicious bite!

Our young Manchego is flavorful with a full sharpness, yet smooth and approachable. Because it is aged for a relatively short time, it has a semi-soft texture and balanced taste. This large wedge is great to slice and share at a tapas party or family gathering.

The Villajos family uses only artisan methods for their award winning Manchegos. They source only the freshest possible milk from Manchega sheep, a name that means "from La Mancha." Local herds graze in the fields around the village of Porzuna in La Mancha, nibbling on grasses and herbs as they roam. This wild diet is the secret to the complex, elegant flavor of the final cheese.

We stumbled upon this outstanding cheese at a food fair in Trujillo, deep in western Spain. Though we’d spent the entire day tasting cheeses, this Manchego stood out above the rest. Its firm yet creamy texture gave way to a delightful nuttiness and pleasant sharpness. Only later did we realize we’d tasted an award-winning cheese.

Gold medal at the International Food Show in Frankfurt, Silver medal at the World Cheese Awards.

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