Tetilla Cheese, D.O. - 1.1 Pounds

Tetilla Cheese, D.O. - 1.1 Pounds

Buttery Cow's Milk Cheese from Galicia

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All Natural

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  • Buttery soft cheese
  • Handmade in Galicia
  • Perfect sliced or melted on canapés
  • 100% cow's milk
  • Note: Fresh cheese, will have short shelf life
  • Size - About 1.1 lbs/500 gr

Buttery and rich with a slightly scandalous shape and name, this farmhouse cheese from Galicia in northern Spain is at once approachable and exotic. Tetilla is equally at home on a charcuterie and cheese board or in a deluxe grilled cheese.

Many think of Spanish cheeses as a sharp Manchego or other aged cheese from the sun baked interior of Spain. In fact Spain is a diverse land, with hundreds of microclimates and over 400 types of cheese. Tetilla is from Galicia, which is filled with rolling green hills punctuated with patches of granite, and many contented cows.

For centuries the milk from these cows has produced beautiful hand-formed cheeses, in the country surrounding the medieval walled city of Lugo. You can see rows of them in the market any day of the week – they are the favorite cheese of the residents in the area.

And what a versatile cheese it is! Sometimes you might like to sit down for a moment with a fresh apple and slices of Tetilla. Another time you might want to make glorious grilled cheeses on crusty bread – or make a tempting cream sauce for asparagus or cauliflower.

Note: This is a fresh cheese with a short shelf life. Once you receive your shipment, please enjoy as soon as possible. There may be no more than two weeks left on the best-by date.

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