Tapas Essentials Collection - FREE SHIPPING!

Tapas Essentials Collection - FREE SHIPPING!

Seven Classic Spanish Flavors Plus a Ceramic Tapas Platter

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  • Seven classic Spanish tapas favorites
  • Chorizo, almonds, olives, sweet garlic and more
  • Beautiful hand-painted ceramic tapas platter
  • Traditional Spanish toothpicks

Tapas are one of the most beloved parts of Spanish cuisine. These small bites provide a cornucopia of flavors for any gathering. We’ve selected a wonderful variety of tapas essentials that are easy to prepare and certain to impress your guests!

Our dry-cured chorizo, made from an artisanal producer in La Rioja, is a sublime cured sausage seasoned with the famous smoked paprika, Pimentón de la Vera. Our anchovy stuffed olives have gained a fanatical following since we first brought them back from the port of Alicante years ago.

Tender artichoke hearts, tangy Basque guindilla peppers and tangy-sweet fire-roasted piquillo pepper strips, bring the world famous vegetables of Spain to the mix. We also included a jar of marinated garlic cloves. This white garlic is a particularly mild and sweet variety unlike any other form.

Our crunchy Marcona almonds are the largest in the world. They soak up the hot sun along the Mediterranean for a smooth texture and sweet flavor.

To add elegance to the spread, we’ve included a gorgeous hand-painted tray in the traditional Spanish style and palillos, the famous Spanish toothpicks made of polished wood that are certain to bring back fond memories of pintxos bars in San Sebastian.

This selection is a wish come true for your next evening of entertaining. It also makes a lovely gift for a tapas-loving friend, or the perfect introduction to the wonders of the Spanish table!

Sizes for the items included in this collection are as follows: Ceramic Tapas Tray - 13 inches in diameter, Palacios Chorizo - 7.9 oz, Don Palillo Toothpicks - 300 toothpicks, Anchovy Stuffed Olives - 5.3 oz drained weight, Marcona Almonds - 3.5 oz, Artichoke Hearts - 11.5 oz, Guindilla Peppers - 10.5 oz, Sweet White Garlic - 6.8 oz and Piquillo Pepper Strips - 8 oz.

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