2 Small Porrón Wine Pitchers

2 Small Porrón Wine Pitchers

Holds One Glass of Wine

Item: GL-103



  • For serving wine, olive oil or vinegar
  • Holds one glass of wine, great for serving
  • Hand-blown recycled glass
  • Traditional Spanish wine pitcher
  • Featured on The Today Show
  • Size - 2 x 4.2 oz/125 ml

These small wine pitchers are hand-blown in Spain from recycled glass. We fill them with individual portions of wine, or use them as cruets for olive oil and vinegar. They are an attractive serving piece for your table, or a cute way to hold cut flowers. Each one holds about 4 ounces, the typical pour for a glass of wine.

Porrón wine pitchers are a traditional way to serve vino across Spain. You hold the pitcher high in the air and pour a thin stream directly into your mouth, trying not to spill. It can be a bit messy and learning how to master the porrón is half the fun.

Each of the small porrón pitchers is capped with a tiny cork and holds about 4.2 oz of liquid. These porrones come two to a box, each with its own cork. Wash before first use. Hand-blown from recycled glass.

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