Sardines 'a la Antigua' by Ortiz

Sardines 'a la Antigua' by Ortiz

Tender Sardines Cooked in Olive Oil

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All Natural



  • Small sardines cooked in virgin olive oil
  • Healthy and all natural
  • Mild and very tender
  • 'a la Antigua' – hand-cleaned, slow cooked
  • By Conservas Ortiz, founded in 1920
  • Size - 6.7 oz/190 gr

These exceptional sardines are prepared 'a la Antigua' – hand cleaned and slow cooked in virgin olive oil. The result is an exceptionally tender and very mild sardine. Enjoy these sardines with crackers, on a canapé or add to a fresh green salad.

Packed with beneficial oils, calcium and vitamins, sardines are one of the healthiest fish you can eat. They are also low in toxins and a highly sustainable fish species.

Ortiz sources fresh sardines and cleans them by hand in the Basque Country. Each fish is slow cooked in virgin olive oil, resulting in a very tender sardine with a mild, fresh taste. This differentiates them from industrially produced sardines, which are steamed or flash cooked and can produce a chalky or dry tasting fish.

This sardines are packed in only virgin olive oil and salt, nothing else. There are 6-8 sardines per jar. The sardines can be stored for years, becoming more tender over time. Store in a cool, dark place such as a pantry. Refrigerate after opening.

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