Premium Pardinas Lentils by La Carreta

Premium Pardinas Lentils by La Carreta

Plump and Flavorful Spanish Lentils

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All Natural



  • Top quality Pardina lentils
  • Rich nutty flavor
  • For Spanish stews and soups
  • Size - 17.6 oz/500 gr

Tiny brown "Puy" Pardinas lentils are the finest of the three main varieties of lentils grown in Spain. Pardinas lentils are special because they retain their shape in cooking and have a distinct nutty flavor. They are an unexpected treat to those who consider lentils ordinary fare.

The other varieties of lentils, like big, fat green Castellanas and medium brown ones, are often bland, do not retain their shape and cook almost to a purée.

Pardinas lentils are the ideal foundation for a pot of classic Lentejas con Chorizo, a favorite hearty stew from Spain. Because our artisan quality lentils are super-dried to preserve their full flavor and retain their shape, they require overnight soaking.

A classic recipe in Spain is Lentejas con Chorizo, lentils stewed with pimentón smoked paprika, Jamón Serrano, chorizo and olive oil. You can elevate your favorite lentil recipe with these exceptional lentejas.

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