Finca Pascualete Mini Torta Cheese - 5 Ounces

Finca Pascualete Mini Torta Cheese - 5 Ounces

Spoonable, Intensely Flavorful - Flown in Monthly - 5 oz

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  • Handcrafted spoonable cheese
  • Made with pure raw sheep's milk
  • Delicate, creamy - intense flavor
  • Gold winner at World Cheese Awards 2011
  • Note: Fresh cheese, will have short shelf life
  • Size - 5 oz/140 gr

Incredibly creamy, rich and full of intense flavor, Finca Pascualete is the ultimate in spoonable artisan cheese. Each mini torta is handmade from the fresh milk of Extremaduran Merino sheep that wander the private Pascualete estate. This cheese is flown in from Spain every month, ensuring the freshest, creamiest torta you can buy.

This is no mild French brie! Get ready for an aromatic blockbuster of flavor, approaching a blue cheese in intensity. The raw milk brings notes of wild grasses and herbs with powerful and complex levels of flavor - this is truly a cheese masterpiece.

Tortas Spanish cheeses are enjoyed at room temperature, with the top removed to reveal the creamy, spoonable interior. Spread on fresh, crusty bread, there are few cheeses in the world more delectable. Originally considered an accident (because the rennet does not fully solidify the cheese), tortas were only enjoyed in small batches by the cheese makers until recent decades, when the process became fully understood.

Finca Pascualete makes its cheese from fresh raw sheep's milk produced by its own flock of Merino sheep that wander their extensive estates in Extremadura, western Spain, grazing on grasses, wild flowers and indigenous herbs. The cheese is thickened using vegetable rennet from the cardoon flower, a plant that grows throughout the Pascualete estate. The cheeses are rotated daily to ensure an even, creamy texture.

Finca Pascualete has an incredible history. In the 1940s, Luis Figueroa y Pérez de Guzmán el Bueno, Count of Quintanilla, fell in love with a young American woman named Aline Griffith who turned out to be a CIA agent. After they were married, Aline dedicated her life to the rich history and beauty of the Finca estate. She set out to preserve the culture and tradition of the area by producing the finest farm products in the area. This cheese follows her legacy.

Note: This is a fresh cheese with a short shelf life. Once you receive your shipment, please enjoy as soon as possible. There may be no more than two weeks left on the best-by date.

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