Large Forged Steel Paella Tripod (For 18-22 Inch Paella Pans)

Large Forged Steel Paella Tripod (For 18-22 Inch Paella Pans)

For Use With 18-22 Inch Paella Pans

Item: PP-17

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  • Heavy paella support made of forged steel
  • Use to prepare paella over wood or charcoal
  • A nice serving piece for paella on the table
  • Size - 8 x 20 inches

Paella originated as a dish to be cooked outdoors over an open flame. This forged steel paella tripod is a great way to cook paella in this traditional manner, over a hardwood or charcoal fire.

If you'd prefer not to cook your paella outdoors, our tripods are an authentic way to serve your paella at the dinner table.

This large steel paella tripod is sized for use with any of our 18-22 inch paella pans. The tripod stands roughly 8 inches tall and is about 20 inches in diameter. If you want to use an extra large paella pan (we sell them up to 3 feet across!), you can use three tripods to support the pan.

These durable paella tripods are made of solid steel, so they can rust. Clean the tripod carefully after each use and lightly coat with sunflower oil. Scrub with steel wool to remove any rust.

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