Fermín Ibérico Sausage Trio

Fermín Ibérico Sausage Trio

Mild Chorizo, Spicy Chorizo and Salchichón

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  • Featured in 2017 issue of "O, The Oprah Magazine"
  • Made with Spanish Ibérico pork
  • Mild chorizo, spicy chorizo and salchichón (salami)
  • Fully cured, no refrigeration needed
  • Size - 3 x 7 oz/200 gr

Experience the exceptional flavor of Ibérico pork with this trio of artisan cured meats from Spain. These three distinct sausages were hung to cure in the cool mountain air of La Alberca for several weeks, and now they are ready to be sliced and served with an aged cheese and a bottle of fine wine.

This trio of sausages is the perfect introduction to the rich curing tradition of Spain. Requiring no refrigeration, this trio is a great gift for foodies and Spanish food enthusiasts.

Each of these sausages features a distinct flavor. The all natural mild chorizo has a deep smoky flavor and tender bite. The spicy chorizo is seasoned with hot pimentón de La Vera, the famous smoked paprika of Spain. The salchichón is cured with whole black peppercorns, somewhat like an artisan salami.

The cure-masters at Jamones y Embutidos Fermín use only Spanish Ibérico pork to make these traditional sausages. Ibérico pork comes from the black Ibérico pig, found only in Spain. This dark-meat pork has a rich marbling, and a deeper flavor than normal pork.

Fermín is a family company that was the first to import Ibérico chorizo and jamón to the U.S. Their curing house is perched on the top of a mountain near the idyllic town of La Alberca. The cool, dry air is perfect for curing hams and chorizos naturally.

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