'First Day of Harvest' Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil

'First Day of Harvest' Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Brilliant Green, Super Fresh Oil

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All Natural

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  • Brilliant vibrant green extra virgin olive oil
  • Super-select, finest quality, 0.16% Acidity
  • From sweet, fruity Arbequina olives
  • Elegant red bottle preserves freshness
  • Label featuring paintings by Fernando Zóbel
  • Size - 16.9 oz/500 ml

This brilliant green extra virgin olive oil is the juice from tiny arbequina olives picked the first day of harvest - just before they are fully ripe. It is fresh, fruity and bursting with flavor, incomparable with the rest of the harvest.

It is incredible how the oil glows with bright green color, an indication of how exceptionally fresh and full of vibrant flavors it is.

This wonderful olive oil is cold pressed in very small quantities from trees selected by the Vaño family of Castillo de Canena. It is very costly to produce, for if the olives are picked just a few days longer when they are fully mature and plump, they yield a much higher volume of juice from the same olive.

Knowing that the green barely ripe olive yields the best of the vintage, the Vañó family is not willing to take that short cut for volume. They set aside a portion of the harvest; hand pick the olives as early as is possible and bottle the brilliant green juice.

The elegant red bottles block out all light that might compromise the flavor. For the discerning food lover, this is the chance to enjoy the best of the best. It is an exclusive and limited edition released by the Vañó family.

Each year’s release is commemorated with a newly designed bottle label, featuring a luminary who has excelled in their field and appreciated fine olive oil. This year, Castillo de Canena honors influential modernist painter Fernando Zóbel on the centenary of his birth. His painting graces the label of the iconic cherry colored First Day of Harvest olive oil bottles.

Zóbel was a Spanish Filipino painter, collector and influential player in the modernist movement in Spain. He taught himself to paint while attending Harvard. Zóbel graduated in 1949 as magna cum laude. In 1983, King Juan Carlos of Spain honored Zóbel with the Gold Medal of Merit in the Fine Arts, a prestigious award for those who have promoted Spanish arts and culture. 

Castillo De Canena extra virgin olive oils are produced by the renowned Vañó family in Andalucía. Since 1780,   they have produced olive oil near their 16th century castle in the foothills of the Sierra Mágina. The company takes its name from the castle itself.

Castillo de Canena carefully supervises their olive groves and hand selects olives at the peak time for creating this exceptional olive oil with the perfect balance of aroma and flavor.

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