Cloud White Terra Cotta Cazuelas - 8 Inches (4 Dishes)

Cloud White Terra Cotta Cazuelas - 8 Inches (4 Dishes)

Rustic Oven to Table Dishes

Item: CA-45

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  • Sturdy terra cotta with white glaze
  • Traditional cookware
  • Oven to table
  • Keeps food warm after serving
  • Food safe, lead-free
  • Size - 4 x 32 oz/4 cups

These delightful cazuelas are a go-to dish for the kitchen and will brighten up your table! These classic terra cotta dishes have a cheerful white glaze, and are perfect for roasting meats or potatoes, or for serving your favorite tapas.

These sturdy casseroles are just the right size for a side dish or for cooking classic Spanish favorites like pollo al ajillo (garlic chicken).

Our terra cotta cazuelas are made in Breda, where each one is formed, and small handles are added by hand – called “orejas” in Spain. They are food safe and lead-free, perfect for serving any dish, from your favorite tapa to mashed potatoes!

These cazuelas come from the town of Breda in Catalunya, where terra cotta cookware has been the typical cookware since Roman times. The local clay contains a very fine gravel which produces a sturdy terra cotta that holds heat, excellent for keeping meals warm even after the dish is brought to the dining table.

As each piece is hand painted, the exact color may vary.

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