Caperberries - Alcaparrones

Caperberries - Alcaparrones

Fruit of the Caper Bush

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  • Pickled, juicy and delicious
  • About 35 caperberries per jar
  • Tender with a bit of crunch
  • Great in cocktails
  • Size - 6.3 oz/180 gr

Caperberries are tender and briny with a nice crunch. We serve them chilled as a tapa, or added to salads. They also make a unique cocktail garnish.

Caperberries are the fruit of a wild flowering bush, Capparis Spinosa, which grows in profusion along the long Mediterranean coastline of Spain. These juicy pickled treats are wonderful with seafood and as a garnish for salads. Around our house, they generally do not get as far as the dinner table - my family hangs around the kitchen during meal preparation and eats them right out of the jar!

Related to capers, which are the flower buds of the same bush, caperberries are less salty and have a more olive-like flavor.

Caperberries are handpicked in midsummer and naturally fermented to preserve their delicate texture, green color, and unique flavor.