Artisan Morcilla with Onions by Peregrino (Black Sausage)

Artisan Morcilla with Onions by Peregrino (Black Sausage)

Morcilla with Pasture-Raised Pork

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  • Asturian-style black sausage with onions
  • Grill or sauté with eggs
  • Delicious in stews like fabada
  • Made in the U.S. from a Spanish recipe
  • Size - 12 oz/340 gr

Morcilla is a rich black sausage with a smoky flavor. We love to grill slices until crispy and serve as a tapa. It is also essential for Spanish stews like Asturian fabada.

Peregrino morcilla de cebolla is made from pasture-raised pork and seasoned with smoky paprika, nutmeg and garlic. We worked with a small sausage maker in Atlanta to create these Asturian-style morcillas following a classic recipe.

Store your morcilla in the freezer and cook within 10 days after thawing.

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