Vegetable Broth for Paella by El Navarrico

Vegetable Broth for Paella by El Navarrico

All Natural Fumet for Paella

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All Natural



  • Flavorful base for paella
  • Concentrate - enough for 2 quarts
  • All natural and vegetarian
  • For vegetable or meat paella
  • With extra virgin olive oil
  • Size - 32 fl oz/950 ml

Paella is all about flavorful rice, and this all-natural broth infuses your rice with rich flavor. The secret is the fresh vegetables from Navarra. Though short grained paella rice and toasted saffron are essential ingredients for paella, this tasty caldo creates the foundation that elevates all of the flavors of the paella.

This broth is ideal for vegetable paellas that feature ingredients like wild mushrooms, artichokes and garden squash. It is also excellent for chicken or meat paellas where a seafood broth would not be ideal.

The flavor of this all-natural paella broth comes from fresh vegetables plus extra virgin olive oil. The vegetables are harvested in Navarra, from a lush valley near La Rioja. All of the flavors are concentrated in the broth, which is ready to be mixed with water and added to your paella.

A rich broth elevates paella, fideuá and other traditional Spanish dishes to another level. This vegetable broth is also a great base for a variety of soups and stews.

El Navarrico is a family company that uses locally harvested vegetables and artisan methods of production. This vegetable broth has a long shelf life so you can stock your pantry and keep it on hand for whenever you need it. No refrigeration is necessary.

Use within a few days of opening. Keep refrigerated once opened.

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