Trio of Casas de Hualdo Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Trio of Casas de Hualdo Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Cold Pressed, Estate Grown

Item: OO-120 |

All Natural



  • Trio of single varietal olive oils
  • Compare three delicious oils
  • Arbequina, Cornicabra and Picual
  • First cold pressed
  • Estate grown in Toledo
  • Size - 3 x 17 oz/500 ml

Explore the delicious flavors of Spanish extra virgin olive oil with this trio of oils from the estate of Casas de Hualdo near Toledo. Because they own a mill on the property, each type of olive is cold pressed within a few hours of harvest, capturing all of the flavor and health benefits of the olives. Included varietals are buttery, fruity Arbequina, zesty and robust Cornicabra and aromatic, peppery Picual. Each has its own distinct flavor and use in your kitchen, and this trio makes for a great olive oil tasting.

Tiny Arbequina olives are nut brown and firm, and create a mild, fruity oil known as Spain’s most sophisticated. Full of complexity, yet mild and approachable, this extra virgin olive oil has flavors of fresh herbs and tomatoes. This special olive oil is delicious dipped with fresh baked bread, and is perfect with leafy salads and sautéed vegetables.

Cornicabra olives are bright purple when ripe and are the signature varietal of the Toledo region. It is a robust, peppery extra virgin olive oil with a long delicious finish, with notes of green apple and dandelion. Ideal for cooking, we prefer it in rice dishes like paella or for preparing seafood like scallops and salmon.

Picual is a dark purple olive with a rounded shape. It produces the classic extra virgin olive oil of Spain, aromatic and delicious. With notes of fresh herbs and banana and a pleasant spiciness, it is a bold, flavorful partner for sherry vinegars on salads or fresh sliced vegetables. Also great for sautéing fish and vegetables or for tortilla española potato frittata.

Casas de Hualdo is an estate located in the Río Tajo valley an hour from the ancient city of Toledo. There the winters are frigid, and the summers are hot and dry, just the right environment for olive trees. The estate uses modern technology to monitor the health of the trees and the ground moisture to carefully adjust watering and pruning to keep the trees healthy. And healthy trees produce the finest quality of extra virgin olive oil.

Casas de Hualdo built a modern pressing mill on the property, so all of their olives are cold-pressed within hours of harvest. At their essence, olives are a fresh fruit that must be pressed quickly before they start to spoil, so quick pressing is essential. In this way, Casas de Hualdo creates the finest extra virgin olive oil at the peak of quality.

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