Torta del Casar Spoonable Cheese - 14 Ounces

Torta del Casar Spoonable Cheese - 14 Ounces

Flavorful Cheese from Extremadura

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  • Exceptional raw sheep’s milk cheese
  • Soft, spreadable cheese
  • Bold, aromatic
  • Cut off top and spoon out cheese
  • Note: Fresh cheese, will have short shelf life
  • Size - 14 oz/395 gr

Torta del Casar is a blockbuster cheese from western Spain. This creamy raw sheep's milk cheese is famed for its spoonable texture and intense flavor. Bring to room temperature, cut off the top, and spoon onto bread as you would a brie cheese. But make no mistake, this is no mild brie. Made with pasture-raised raw sheep's milk, Torta del Casar has a complex, bold flavor and creamy texture.

Legend has it that the Torta del Casar cheese originated as a mistake by shepherds in Extremadura who were trying to create a hard cheese. Using thistle rennet, some of their cheeses never fully solidified. The cheesemakers loved the flavor and texture and kept them for themselves. But eventually the secret got out. Since then this special cheese has become world famous, and now has its own protected Denomination of Origin status.

Note: This is a fresh cheese with a short shelf life. Once you receive your shipment, please enjoy as soon as possible. There may be no more than two weeks left on the best-by date.

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