Photo of School of Tuna Sampler

School of Spanish Tuna Sampler

School of Spanish Tuna Sampler

Three Types of Bonito del Norte Tuna

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All Natural



  • Sample three premium tunas
  • Line-caught and hand-packed
  • Spanish Bonito del Norte
  • From Galicia and Basque Country
  • Packed in olive oil

Taste and compare three of Spain's finest Bonito del Norte tunas. This line-and-hook caught tuna is cut and packed by hand in olive oil, preserving its silky, tender texture. Included are Ortiz tuna from the Basque Country, Peregrino tuna from Galicia and tuna fillets by Nardín, also from the Basque Country. Serve with crackers or as a canapé, or elevate your next salad.

After harvesting, Bonito del Norte tuna is poached and portioned by hand, then covered with olive oil. The Peregrino tuna has a smooth texture and mild flavor. Ortiz tuna is firmer with a fuller flavor. The jar by Nardín holds large fillets of tender tuna packed fresh from the harvest.

Bonito del Norte (Beauty of the North) is a special Albacore tuna harvested from the nutrient rich seas of northern Spain. The tuna migrate to the region to feast on anchovies. They are caught with fishing poles, a method which preserves the delicacy and fattiness of the tuna - and also means there is almost no by-catch. Bonito del Norte has high levels of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.


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