Sardines in Olive Oil by Matiz Gallego

Sardines in Olive Oil by Matiz Gallego

100% All Natural, Hand Packed

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All Natural

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  • Harvested off the coast of Galicia
  • Packed in olive oil
  • Great for tapas
  • Size - 4.2 oz/120 gr

These sardines from Matiz Gallego are harvested off the coast of Galicia. In the northwest of Spain, Galicia is known for its extraordinary seafood. These sardines are tender and delicate, a true treat!

Matiz sardines are hand prepared and packed with the highest quality ingredients. The attention to detail produces a moist, tender and exceptionally flavorful fish. Traditional fishing methods are used that respect the biological cycles of the species and avoid harming other sealife.

Serve these sardines in their own oil with a touch of lime, or garnish with carrot, cucumber and red pepper.

No added colors or preservatives. Refrigerate upon opening.

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