Jamón Cutting Knife - 11 Inches

Jamón Cutting Knife - 11 Inches

Sharp and Flexible for Slicing Jamón

Item: CY-25



  • Extremely sharp stainless steel
  • Flexible for perfectly thin slices
  • Full tang handle for added durability
  • By Martinez y Gascón since 1945
  • 3rd generation family company
  • Size - 11 inch blade

Observe any master ham slicer in Spain and there is one tool they cannot do without - a long, thin, flexible jamón knife. Our ham knife is made from extremely sharp hardened stainless steel, for cutting the thinnest slices. Yet it is also very light and flexible, allowing the blade to conform to every part of your Serrano or Ibérico ham.

This knife is made for one thing, carving jamón. The sides feature small hollows, which make the ham knife lighter and more flexible, and help it cut cleaner with less ham sticking to the blade. This knife has a full tang, meaning the stainless steel reaches the bottom of the handle, making it much more durable.

A proper jamón knife is essential not only for cutting perfectly thin slices, but also because it allows you to cut from every part of a jamón, yielding more delicious ham to enjoy. And because of its quality, it is easy to sharpen and maintain.

Martinez y Gascón professional knives are forged in Albacete with molybdenum and vanadium, making for a long lasting edge and great durability. Martinez y Gascón is a family knife maker founded in 1945. It is run by Julia Martinez, the third generation of her family to run the company. Their focus is supplying professional chefs and butchers with the finest, most durable knives available.

Wash by hand and always prime with a sharpening steel before use.