Mini Paella Kit with Pan in Gift Box by Peregrino

Mini Paella Kit with Pan in Gift Box by Peregrino

Essential Ingredients for Great Paella

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  • Packaged in a festive gift box
  • Serves 2 people
  • Includes 5 items and a traditional recipe
  • Give the gift of Spain's most famous dish

We've collected the finest ingredients needed to create one of the most traditional dishes of Spain and packed them in a mini paella kit perfect for couples or the adventurous home chef. The kit includes the essential tools to make a mouthwatering meal, including a delicious recipe.

The secret to making authentic paella is using the proper pan and the finest Spanish ingredients. Our paella pan, calasparra rice, saffron, paprika and superb extra virgin olive oil will guarantee a delectable dish, even for novices. All you need to add is fresh chicken, fish and vegetables.

Gift this kit to the couple that loves cooking or a friend seeking to add some Spanish flair to their meal repertoire. All of the components arrive in a festive package and we’ve also included a traditional paella recipe that our family has cooked for years.

Mini Paella Kit includes:

Calasparra Rice (1.1 lb): Rice is the foundation of paella so it is important to use the highest quality of this staple ingredient. Calasparra rice is a venerable strain of short grain rice with a slower maturing process than other varieties. A longer growing cycle produces kernels that are more dehydrated and ready to eagerly absorb the paella broth flavors. Calasparra rice is cultivated in the valleys of Murcia in fresh, pure water drawn from mountain streams. It is free of all pesticides, herbicides and chemicals.

Saffron Packet by Syren (enough for 1 paella): Add a dash of true Spanish saffron to your paella. A bright golden color and intense, deep flavor brings beauty and tantalizing taste to your dish. Hand picked, pruned and toasted in La Mancha, it has a definitive flavor and can make the difference between good and great paella.

La Dalia Round Tin of Sweet Pimentón de La Vera (miniature tin): This miniature tin of smoky sweet paprika is from the original and most well-known producer of the traditional Spanish spice. Deep red and freshly ground from peppers that are smoked for 15 days over oak wood fires, this amazing spice will add depth to your paella, and other dishes. Round out your paella with an authentic flavor and add a rustic feel to your kitchen and cooking with this charming antique tin.

Señorío de Vizcántar Special Selection Extra Virgin Olive Oil: A personal favorite of our family, this superb extra virgin olive oil adds a warm, fruity flavor and just the right amount of spice to your paella. Selected from the olive groves surrounding Priego de Córdoba, this oil is a special coupage of three varieties of olives by master taster Fermín Rodríguez. He has blended the most aromatic and fruity oils of the early harvest to yield perfection.

10-inch Paella Pan: Make paella the classic way, in a traditional steel paella pan with a dimpled surface to disperse heat evenly. Safe for use in the oven, on the top of the stove, or on an outdoor grill, this special paella pan will become seasoned with time, changing color and absorbing flavors as you cook with it. After each use, wash by hand, then season with a light coating of vegetable oil to prevent rust.

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