Diced Serrano Ham by Peregrino, Nitrate Free - 6 oz

Diced Serrano Ham by Peregrino, Nitrate Free - 6 oz

15 Month Aged Serrano Ham From Spain

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  • Diced for salads and recipes
  • Cured 15 months in Spain
  • All natural, nitrate free
  • Freshly diced at La Tienda
  • Mountain aged
  • Size - 6 oz/170 gr

Add the flavor of Spain's iconic Serrano ham to salads, sautéed vegetables, pastas, stews and other recipes. Jamón Serrano has a full flavor and a mild saltiness perfect for any recipe.

We are proud to offer the freshest diced jamón in the country. We import whole reserva hams and dice them at La Tienda to ensure the most flavorful Serrano you can buy. These pieces come in a tray for easy opening and use. In the original unopened package, the ham will stay fresh for weeks, if not longer. Peregrino Serrano ham is nitrate-free reserve quality.

Our Serrano ham is diced small, so it is easy to enjoy on fresh salads, pastas or any recipe.

Over centuries, the people of Spain created the ideal way to preserve ham. The hams are packed in sea salt, then hung in curing rooms where they experience the changing seasons, losing up to 40% of their fat and developing deep, complex flavors. They continue to be aged following these same techniques, now with the benefits of modern technology and food safety standards.