Herb, Spice & Wine Cheese Flight by Peregrino - 3 Wedges, Gift Wrapped

Herb, Spice & Wine Cheese Flight by Peregrino - 3 Wedges, Gift Wrapped

Infused Cheese Trio - Rosemary, Paprika and Red Wine

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  • Trio of infused cheeses
  • With red wine and spices
  • Finest aged raw milk cheese
  • Small family owned cheesemaker
  • Attractively gift wrapped
  • Size - 3 wedges - 5.6 oz/160 gr each

Enjoy this flight of three flavorful cheeses from La Mancha. Each one is infused with a distinctly Spanish flavor which creates a colorful display for your table. Fresh rosemary leaves, red wine and smoked paprika are blended directly into the cheeses so that each bite is full of the flavors of La Mancha. Serve this collection at your next wine and cheese party! Each wedge is individually wrapped, then packed by hand to make the perfect gift for the cheese lover.

The first is a Manchego sheep's milk cheese with fresh rosemary blended into the milk early in the cheesemaking process, adding an enticing aroma. The second is a mild sheep's milk cheese mixed with red wine which adds a delightful aroma and striking burgundy color. The last is also a sheep's milk cheese with the smoky aroma of Pimentón de La Vera paprika - the orange color comes only from this classic Spanish spice. All three are made using fresh raw milk.

These cheeses are made by the Alvarez Valera family, who raise the animals themselves to ensure they have the freshest, finest quality milk for making cheeses. Four generations of the family have supported the business and it is their passion to create fine La Mancha cheeses.