Vintage Gift Tin of Rabitos Royale Bonbons (14 Pieces)

Vintage Gift Tin of Rabitos Royale Bonbons (14 Pieces)

Baby Figs Stuffed with Dark Chocolate Brandy Ganache

Item: CT-124

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  • Food & Wine's 'Best Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays'
  • 14 individually wrapped bonbons
  • Vintage gift tin
  • Figs stuffed with dark chocolate and brandy ganache
  • NY Fancy Food Show: Best Confection 2006

Rabitos Royale bonbons are an all-time customer favorite. Delicate Calabacita figs are stuffed with chocolate-brandy ganache, then dipped in more rich dark chocolate. This attractive vintage tin holds 14 individually wrapped bonbons, a sophisticated gift for the chocolate lover.

Raquel and Señador Valero created this exceptional confection using tender young figs from the groves near their small village in Extremadura. Calabacita figs are famed for their delicate flavor and tenderness. The Valeros stuff each little fig with a rich dark chocolate brandy ganache which nicely accents the delicate sweetness of the baby fig. It is an inspired combination of flavors.

This special treat won the Best Confection in Show honor at the Fancy Food Show in New York – quite a coup for the folks of a remote town in Extremadura!

A box of Rabitos makes a delightful alternative to the usual box of chocolates. What a wonderful way to eat a healthy fig! (A great rationalization when you reach for your third one!)

These high quality chocolates have been tested and are well below the limits for substances with potential health concerns outlined in California’s stringent Prop65 requirements.