Premium Forged Jamón Knife Set by Cuchillerías Simón

Premium Forged Jamón Knife Set by Cuchillerías Simón

Professional Knives Forged in Albacete

Item: CY-28



  • Premium quality set for carving jamón
  • Forged fluted knife for slicing
  • Forged boning knife for cleaning and prepping
  • Ceramic knife sharpener and Japanese cloth case
  • Leather sheathed knives

When you are slicing the very best jamón from Spain you need the finest, sharpest knives. This set of knives by Cuchillerías Simón was designed so you can enjoy every delectable slice with the least effort. Included are a razor-sharp boning knife to clean and prep the ham; a fluted, flexible jamón knife for cutting paper thin slices; a ceramic sharpening steel; and a classic Japanese cloth case. Each of the knives comes protected by a leather sheath.

The star of the set is the jamón knife. Made of beautifully balanced forged steel, it is engineered to cut perfect slices every time. Slim, sharp and flexible, the blade is fluted, which allows it to glide through the ham without slices sticking to it. It has a full tang that reaches the bottom of the handle, making it sturdier and more balanced. The handle is made of micarta ivory linen for exceptional grip and durability.

The second knife is a sharp and sturdy boning knife. It allows you to effortlessly trim skin and fat to expose the marbled jamón below. It is slender yet rigid for trimming even the hardest to reach areas. It also has a micarta ivory linen handle with a leather sheath.

The sharpening steel is white ceramic, with 1000 points of fine grain thickness to keep your knives perfectly sharp. The set is packed in a cloth roll-up knife bag made in Japan with seven compartments and a knotting closure.

Cuchillerías Simón specializes in the finest quality handcrafted production in the ancient city of Albacete, famed for its centuries-old cutlery tradition. When you buy a Simón, it is an investment that will last a lifetime.

Wash knives by hand and always prime with a sharpening steel before use.