Chipirones en su Tinta - Squid in Ink Sauce by Ramón Peña

Chipirones en su Tinta - Squid in Ink Sauce by Ramón Peña

Small Squid in Ink Sauce from Galicia

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All Natural



  • Featured in Food & Wine magazine
  • Tender little squid
  • In ink sauce with onion and tomato
  • Packed by hand
  • A Galician delicacy
  • Size - 4.6 oz/130 gr

Chipirones are tiny squid harvested from the Atlantic Ocean. Exceedingly tender with a mild flavor, they are a gourmet delicacy. Ramón Peña poaches the chipirones and packs them in an ink sauce made with tomato, olive oil, onion and spices. Serve warm with fresh bread and a glass of wine.

These baby squid come from pristine waters off of the coast of Galicia. Each one is cleaned and bundled inside-out, creating a little package of deliciousness. The squid are then poached in seawater and put in a tin by hand, one by one. Finally they are covered with the flavorful sauce made using their own ink.

Situated in the northwest of Spain, Galicia is surrounded by cool, clean Atlantic waters that support a vibrant fishing tradition. In Spain canned seafood is acknowledged as a gourmet product, and small producers like Ramón Peña are meticulous about providing premium quality seafood to its customers.

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