Calasparra Paella Rice by Peregrino - 1.1 Pounds

Calasparra Paella Rice by Peregrino - 1.1 Pounds

Premium Paella Rice - Mountain Grown

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All Natural

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  • Each bag makes over 6 cups cooked rice
  • Short grain rice, D.O. Calasparra
  • Absorbent, ideal for paella
  • Retains shape
  • No pesticides or herbicides used
  • Size - 1.1 lbs/500 gr

Calasparra paella rice is a special short grain rice ideal for paella. It has a slow maturing process, 30% slower than other kinds of rice. This produces kernels that are exceptionally absorbent, able to soak up the flavors of paella broth without breaking apart.

Since rice is the foundation of paella, it is essential that you use a high quality rice like Calasparra and not cut corners. The problem with substitutes is that the other strains of rice are designed with other applications in mind: Arborio is meant to become creamy when cooked; Asian rice is sticky; Basmati is light and fragile; and long grain rice has low absorbency.

This special paella rice is grown in the mountain town of Calasparra, in the Spanish province of Murcia, where it the paddies are filled with cool mountain water, unlike the usual rice fields by the Mediterranean Sea.

The aqueducts delivering water from the mountain streams were first engineered by the Romans, and then improved upon by the Moors over 1,000 years ago!

Calasparra rice is grown in the D.O. Calasparra region are totally free of all pesticides, herbicides, etc. No chemicals of any kind are added during processing. Each bag is individually numbered at the farm.