Black Truffle Cheese from La Mancha by El Roble - 13 Ounces

Black Truffle Cheese from La Mancha by El Roble - 13 Ounces

Sheep's Milk Cheese with Black Truffle

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  • Artisan sheep's milk cheese
  • Flecked with winter black truffle
  • Firm, aromatic and nutty
  • Made in La Mancha
  • Size - 13 oz/375 gr wedge

This truffle infused cheese from La Mancha is a beautiful balance of Manchego-style cheese and aromatic black winter truffles. It has a rich, nutty flavor that is perfectly balanced with earthy truffle flavor in every bite. Serve at room temperature with your favorite wine.

The ivory colored cheese has a hatched rind coated in olive oil. It has a fresh tangy aroma balanced by the earthy truffle. The texture is firm yet smooth.

El Roble truffle cheese is aged in the La Mancha town of Poblete, in the heart of Manchego country. It is made from the milk of free-roaming sheep that eat wild herbs and grasses. The winter black truffle (tuber melanosporum) is infused into the cheese, so you will enjoy it in every bite.

Spain is the world leader in black winter truffles, and El Roble selects the finest truffles from the rugged, high-altitude region of Teruel.

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