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Rosemary 'Manchego' Cheese - 1.1 Pounds

Rosemary 'Manchego' Cheese - 1.1 Pounds

Sheep's Milk Cheese Coated in Rosemary

All Natural

  • Reserva sheep's milk cheese
  • Coated in fresh rosemary
  • Aged 15 months
  • Size - 1.1 lb/500 gr wedge

This is an aged cheese made from the milk of Manchega sheep. You note our terminology! We cannot officially call it a Manchego because it is coated in rosemary, but otherwise it is indistinguishable from Manchego.

But what a delight savory rosemary is, regardless of the official designation. The herb complements the entire complex herbal undertones of this extraordinary aged cheese.

This ‘Manchego’ cheese is coated with fresh local rosemary and aged for 15 months. During the curing time, the cheese picks up just a little of the amazing aroma of the rosemary, adding an extra depth of flavor.

It is still very much a Manchego flavor, but it is something more. Many people find it especially attractive to serve during the holidays.

Customer Reviews

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    "So enjoyed this delectable cheese! Ive never tried anything quite like it. The rosemary adds a nice earthy touch to the savory flavor of the cheese! "

    Kylie - Oklahoma City, OK - Jan 29, 2017

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    "Fantastic flavor."

    Diedre Adams - Terre Haute, IN - Jan 31, 2016

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    "Excellent, everyone who has tasted it loved it."

    Joseph Morales - Bronx, NY - Mar 22, 2015

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    " Just the rosemary aroma is enticing and then the Manchego. It stands up to all the wonderful cheeses in this world."

    Kenny Danheiser - Sarasota, FL - Feb 15, 2015

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    "This was outstanding and better than I had expected. Very mild and creamy!"

    Carol Bixler - Leesburg, VA - Jan 4, 2015

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    "Not yet sampled, but it looks really good."

    A Doran - White Bear Lake, MN - Dec 21, 2014

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    "Always a wonderful cheese"


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    "The rosemary brings an unexpected dimension to an excellent Manchego."

    LARRY WALL - CHICAGO - Jul 6, 2014

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    "This is cheese an adiction "

    fairfaxgirl - Fairfax, VA - Jun 16, 2014

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    "I did not realize this cheese is as hard as it is. I'm not a hard cheese fan, so this was not a hit with me. I should have ordered a Tetilla."

    Carl - Oct 16, 2011

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    "Very good and tasty."

    Heidi - Dec 21, 2010

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    "Un concepto original, y una delicia al paladar!"

    Manuel del Cerro - Oct 31, 2009

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    "Fabulous, the same as "manchego," but slightly different...the rosemary adds a great aroma and adds slightly to the flavor, but doesn't overpower the "manchego" flavor at all!"

    Valerie - Sep 15, 2009

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    "Another good cheese. Will probably order again. Liked by guests."

    Randi Tokar - Feb 7, 2009

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