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Sale Organic Ecoficus Chocolate Figs (12 Pieces)

Organic Ecoficus Chocolate Figs (12 Pieces)

Stuffed with Almond Praline and Dipped in Belgian Chocolate

  • Tiny, tender calabacita figs
  • Stuffed with creamy almond praline
  • Dipped in rich Belgian chocolate
  • Delectable Spanish dessert

This package is much more than just a box of chocolates: inside lie twelve tender baby figs, filled with a luscious, crunchy almond praline and dipped in smooth Belgian chocolate. Handmade by the family-run confectioner Ecoficus, this organic chocolate-infused fruit is a labor of love from tree to table. Whether you’re searching for a special gift or a treat for yourself, this box is just the answer!

We discovered Ecoficus on a recent trip to the Cáceres region of Spain. This family-run operation grows tiny calabacita figs organically on their farm, Los Llanillos. The farm is just outside the village of Almoharin, an ancient town where Moorish residents planted fig trees over one thousand years ago. To this day the town is surrounded by fig orchards, and Almoharin became known as the city of trees.

This particular variety of figs, calabacita, has long been recognized for its exceptional sweetness. The figs are grown organically and picked by hand before they’re dried slowly in the sun. The honey-like fruit is filled with crunchy almond praline and dipped in Belgian chocolate, and the resulting flavor combination is intensely rich and delicious!

These chocolates are certified organic by the USDA, rare for Spanish confections. They’re nicely presented in a box with a red ribbon, a wonderful gift to have on hand or dessert to bring out with espresso after a long evening of entertaining. One box doesn’t last long in our family!

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Customer Reviews

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    Holly - Windsor, CT - Aug 27, 2017

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    "These are the perfect gift!"

    Beverly White - Corona del Mar, CA - Dec 26, 2016

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    "Fantastic combination of flavors. Figs are plump and sweet - perfect with the chocolate cover."

    JOAN SILINSH - MANHATTAN, NY - Oct 26, 2014

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    "Delicious treat"

    CLIFFORD JOHNSON - Norton, OH - Jun 23, 2014

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    JUNKO CARD - EXETER, CA - Mar 28, 2014

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    "tiny, chocolatey (Perian?) figs filled with even more creamy chocolate. I loved these, and will admit I kept them largely hidden. they were very obviously organic and made with nothing but healthy ingredients, as I am allergic to anything remotely synthetic and a lot of things that are not, and was able to enjoy these easily. I did run into a bit of trouble ordering these in early late May / early June, so will probably not order again until the cooler weather, which is a bit of a disappointment. as a silver lining, though, I am sure the wait will only increase their enjoyment. : ) FROM LA TIENDA: Dear Beth! Thanks so much for this great review! We try to keep a close eye on the weather and when things start warming up, we re-classify our chocolates as perishable. We must have missed some warm weather in NY! Thanks for letting us know - we always love to hear from our customers and we will do better. Kindest regards - La Tienda"

    beth - New York - Jun 12, 2013

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