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Olvero Millennial Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Ceramic Jar

Olvero Millennial Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Ceramic Jar

Award Winning Picual Olive Oil from Thousand Year Old Trees

All Natural

  • Exclusively harvested from 1,000 year old olive trees
  • Flavorful picual oil with spicy finish
  • Ideal for salads, vegetables and meats
  • Beautiful, reusable ceramic bottle
  • Small family company in Andalucía
  • Size - 8.45 oz/250 ml

Once you experience the distinct taste of millennial Olvero extra virgin olive oil, no other will compare. Harvested from ancient thousand-year-old picual olive trees, this intense, buttery oil with spicy undertones enhances any dish - though we would rather just enjoy it solo with fresh crusty bread.

This exceptional extra virgin olive oil is the perfect oil for grilled veggies and drizzled on fresh salads. Not only is this olive oil superior in flavor, picual olives are particularly rich in healthy antioxidants. Some devotees even sip a teaspoon a day as a health tonic.

Created by a small family company from Jaén, in the heart of Andalusian olive country, this first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil is very low in acidity, about 0.1 percent. The groves of trees from which it is harvested are over one thousand years old and their olives are plucked at the optimal point of ripeness. Because their yield is very low, the older trees produce a more intense, flavorful oil.

This Olvero oil is housed in a beautiful porcelain ceramic bottle glazed with red and green colors that are reminiscent of the olives from which it is made. A cork stopper and spout add the finishing touch and allow this bottle to be reused when the oil runs out. Display the lovely container in your kitchen or on your table.

Olvero olive oil has earned several awards, including Olivinus 2011 in Argentina and Terraolive 2012 in Israel. In both competitions has earned the gold medal, given to extra virgin olive oils of superb quality. In 2013 Olvero won the silver medal in the AVPA Specialty Foods competition in Paris.

Customer Reviews

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    "Olive oil is fantastic, very flavorful. And the bottle is very decorative."

    EWilliams - Newport, OH - Apr 17, 2017

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    "The product is great...but......it was delivered with the bubble wrap and container extremely wet... as it had leaked and I only got a half of a bottle....not too good when you consider the price of this olive oil...."

    Mike Mulry - Holbrook - Nov 11, 2016

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    MIKE OSSLER - APOPKA, FL - May 23, 2016

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    "I have never tasted a more fruity and flavorful olive oil. I will definitely come back for more when my bottle is finished!"

    Jennifer D - Dale City, VA - Nov 9, 2014

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    "I traveled around Spain last summer and this was one of the best olive oils I tried"

    Joanne - New York, NY - Sep 21, 2014

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    "I wanted to try a high quality olive oil for the health benefits and to drizzle on pasta and salad. I was amazed with this oil's pure taste. You can't find something like this in supermarkets."

    Janine - Wantagh, NY - Sep 13, 2014

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    "Trying this olive oil was a great decision! Although I was skeptical about olive oil from old trees, I am now a believer. The test is smooth with no bitter after taste. Makes wonderful dipping oil as it is...I will buy this again!"

    Le La - ALEXANDRIA, VA - Jun 1, 2014

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    "I use it for salad and to dip with bread, the taste is amazing!"

    Mike B, - New York, NY - Apr 28, 2014

  • avatar

    "ll good."

    William Cox - Grosse Pointe, MI - Apr 27, 2014

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    "superb! the most flavorful, richest, luxurious olive oil I've ever tasted. "

    dawn daino - new brunswick, NJ - Apr 27, 2014

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    "wonderful for salad"

    Marvin Simms - Oceanside, NY - Apr 20, 2014

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