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Mild Ibérico Chorizo by Palacios - All Natural

Mild Ibérico Chorizo by Palacios - All Natural

Delicious Cured Chorizo from Spain

All Natural

  • All natural, no nitrates added
  • Made from premium Ibérico pork
  • Dry-cured, just slice and serve
  • Cured in La Rioja, Spain
  • USDA inspected, gluten and lactose free
  • Size - 7.9 oz/240 gr

Each bite of this delicious dry-cured sausage is filled with authentic Ibérico flavor, the special pork only found in Spain. Following a generations-old family recipe, the cure masters at Palacios cure their chorizo with just sea salt, smoked paprika and garlic - no nitrates or additives to get in the way of the pure Ibérico flavor. Serve with fresh bread and a tasty Spanish wine.

Ibérico pigs originated in Spain thousands of years ago and Ibérico pork is one of the jewels of Spanish cuisine. Palacios Ibérico chorizo has a more intense flavor than their normal sausages, with a firm bite and a rich taste that will have you reaching for another slice.

The delicious pork sausage is seasoned with sweet smoked paprika from Extremadura called Pimentón de la Vera. This mild, yet intensely smoky spice sets Spanish chorizo apart from sausages of any other country.

Palacios was the first Spanish chorizo imported into the United States. Their chorizos are fully dry-cured and ready to eat with your favorite cheese and wine.

Customer Reviews

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    "Delicious, authentic, delicious. "

    Melody Cooper - Swannanoa, NC - Oct 15, 2017

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    "Received promptly and it is delicious, I arm ready to order more."

    Darrell - Dalton, GA - Feb 27, 2017

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    "Added a wonderful flavor to the paella."

    D2 - Warrensburg, MO - Feb 19, 2017

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    "This is one the best chorizo ibérico options we have in the states considering these are very limited."

    Enrique - Miami, FL - Nov 11, 2016

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