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Artisan Membrillo (Quince Jelly) from Cal Valls

Artisan Membrillo (Quince Jelly) from Cal Valls

Family Made - Great with Manchego Cheese

All Natural

  • Quince preserve
  • Made from quince fruit - similar to apples
  • Delicious with Manchego cheese
  • Size - 9.76 oz/276 g

Fresh fruit and cane sugar are the secret to Spain's finest membrillo. The key ingredient is quince, a medieval European predecessor to the apple. It has a delightful tart sweetness, somewhat similar to a cranberry.

This classic preserve is the perfect accompaniment to Manchego cheese. The tart sweetness perfectly balances the salty, sharp flavor of the cheese.

Produced in the artisan tradition by the Valls family of Catalonia, our membrillo is made with all natural ingredients - in fact, most of the products they create are made from organic ingredients and all are of the finest quality.

Refrigerate after opening.

NOTE: The "Best Before" date listed on the package for this product is listed in Spanish format with the day listed first, followed by the month and the year.

Customer Reviews

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    "Love this paired with muenster cheese. Just like some of our restaurants do. Great taste"

    Donna McLernon - Flushing, NY - Jan 21, 2018

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    Carmen - Cincinnati , OH - Jan 19, 2018

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    "excellent quality and taste, same as can be found in top restaurants "

    el cid - yonkers, NY - Apr 23, 2017

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    "A wonderful addition to my cheese platter"

    William - Paris, KY - Jan 8, 2017

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    "Difficult to spread. Flavor was wonderful!"

    Concepcion Reyna - Hingham, MA - Jan 1, 2017

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    "very good but small package"

    manuel suarez - Brooklyn, NY - May 1, 2016

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    "Very good membrillo"

    Edith Ward - Citronelle, AL - Mar 23, 2016

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    "We do a great deal of international cooking and dearly love this quince jelly. "

    Joy Swartz - Prescott, AZ - Feb 16, 2016

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    "Not too sweet"

    Joaquin Pevida - Ringwood, NJ - Feb 8, 2016

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    "Good but not as good as the previous product I ordered in the past: it came packaged in a wooden box."

    claire berent - san antonio, TX - Jan 17, 2016

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    "I very much enjoyed this jelly, but as a group, there were mixed reviews. I find it a sweet and tasty garnish with cheese and bread."

    KRIS R - Saint Petersburg, FL - Dec 30, 2015

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    "Good stuff! "

    Ronald Jenks Sr - Westport, OR - Dec 27, 2015

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    "Everyone liked it at Thanksgiving "

    Karen Bechstein - Findlay, OH - Dec 16, 2015

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    Mariano Gonzalez - Lancaster, PA - Oct 11, 2015

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    "Membrillo is not to be spread as an American jelly. Slice it and serve with baby manchego and you will understand how wonderful this is."

    Wendy perez - Gales Ferry - Nov 8, 2013

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    "Membrillo is not really made to be spread; normally, it is cut into a slice (as in picture) and served with a slice of soft cheese (very young manchego or tetilla), as a dessert to be eaten with knife and fork. This product is excellent and delicious!"

    Mauricio - Wayland - May 6, 2013

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    "While the taste was good the jelly is tough to spread/use. "

    Kristine Hazzard - Hinsdale, Massachusetts - Jan 13, 2013

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    "This spread is delicious, elegant flavor!"

    Kathy - Dec 23, 2011

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    "Enjoyed it with cheese and spread on crackers or toast."

    Anthony Soares - Oct 13, 2011

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