2 Jars of Chopped Purple Garlic
All Natural

2 Jars of Chopped Purple Garlic

Finest Quality from La Mancha

$14.95 sc-40-2
  • Flavorful purple garlic
  • Smooth, citrusy flavor
  • Known as the world's best garlic
  • All natural
  • Size - 2 x 5.3oz/150g

Spanish purple garlic is special. It has a light, citrusy taste and a balanced flavor with little bitterness. Some call it the world's finest garlic!

These jars of chopped purple garlic make it easy for you to cook Spain's typical dishes with the garlic that was meant to be used. It is also excellent for alioli garlic mayonnaise.

Eighty percent of this special variety is exported to meet the demands of gourmets throughout the world. Its light wheat color is synonymous with freshness. It has a fine delicate texture, and the aroma is pungent. You will find that only a small quantity will be enough to flavor your recipes.

There are many types of garlic grown across the world: some are spicy, some are aromatic, and others have lingering flavor. The leading expert on garlic in Gilroy, California - the self-styled "garlic capital of the world," - names garlic from Spain as having the fullest flavor.


Fresh purple garlic, salt, citric acid.

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    "Instead of reaching for garlic powder or whole cloves, we now reach for this delightful, sweet Spanish crushed purple garlic. Bonus: NO preservatives are in this product!"

    S Patrick - Greensboro - Apr 20, 2014

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    "Serious garlic lovers here, and this is the best jarred garlic we have ever had. Please get it back in stock SOON!"

    LaTienda Regulars - Feb 6, 2012

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