Gourmet Marcona Almonds by Peregrino (2.2 Pounds)
  • Fresh Marconas, vacuum-sealed
  • Just a handful a day can lower bad cholesterol
  • Plenty for a party!
  • Size - 2.2 lb/1 kilo

These are my favorite Marcona almonds -- lightly sautéed in oil, sprinkled with sea salt and then vacuum-sealed in a plastic bag for freshness.

Don't confuse them with their American cousins which have quite a different flavor. Crunchy Marcona almonds are smooth and juicy with an incomparably sweet delicate taste. The 2.2 pound bag is the perfect size for almond lovers - and their guests.

Spain is the only source of Marcona almonds in the world. Since Spaniards covet them for many of their traditional gourmet treats, there remains a very limited supply of Marcona almonds for the rest of the world.

What makes Marconas even more precious is that the trees are early bloomers, making them especially vulnerable to late spring frosts. The small groves are found along the Mediterranean coasts of Spain -- from the southern coast of Málaga, proceeding east up the Mediterranean coast to Tarragona.

Unlike the California almonds with which you may be familiar, with their light brown porous shells, Marcona almonds have a protective hard shell that resists insects. For this reason they may be grown naturally with no need for herbicides.

Almonds are one of the healthiest snacks. The nutrient density is so high that a small portion provides substantial nutrients. They also have a high content of cholesterol fighting mono unsaturated oil. A recent study showed that when people eat roughly a handful of almonds a day, they lowered their LDL cholesterol by 3%!


Marcona almonds, sunflower oil and salt.

Nutritional Information

Serving size: 1 oz 28g, servings per container 36, calories 171, cal from fat 130, total fat 16g (24%), saturated fat 1g (6%), trans fat 0g, cholesterol 0mg, sodium 96mg (4%), total carbs 5g (2%) fiber 3g (12%), sugars 1g, protein 6g. Vitamin A and C 0%, calcium 8%, iron 6%.* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

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Customer Reviews

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    "The world's finest almonds!"

    jef russell - beaumont, TX

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    "Great product & service."

    Sid Hassell - Bath, NC

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    "Outstanding! While they lacked oil, I loved being able to control the amount by adding only one teaspoon to the entire bag. Amazing flavor!"

    Brendan M. - Tappan, NY

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    "Love the almonds. Fast service"

    Stanley Cohen - Jacksonville, FL

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    "The best, and not greasy like the ones found at whole foods etc."

    Marcia W. Campbell - Ambler, PA

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    michael flanagan - london, ON

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    "Best ever! Everyone loves them."


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    "Every member of our family loves these."


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    "I'm so happy that I discovered LaTienda's marcona almonds!!! They are delicious and we have never had bitter almonds. I had previously been ordering marconas from another company, and almost every order had several "bitter" almonds (they tasted rancid). So we love these marcona almonds and highly recommend LaTienda as a company to order from!"

    Krissy - Bend, OR

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    "A bit expensive but wonderful "

    Lucy Robbin - Miami , FL

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    "Excellent product with subtle taste. Nice packaging."

    DAVID GLENN - TULSA, Oklahoma

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    "Wonderful product! My husband and I are addicted. Great that they're healthy as well as delicious. I would rather they were sautéed in olive oil rather than sunflower oil, though. I think it does make a difference. "


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    "love this nuts!!!"

    arlene punzalan - chevy chase, MD

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    "Just fabulous / the best quality!!!"


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    "These nuts are outstanding--great flavor, not as oily as many marconas--hard to stop eating them!"

    s. cook

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